ARTYFACTS10_dec_artyfacts_evavoutsaki (16) delivers unique art classes to primary school children in Brighton and Hove. Term time classes held at 5 different venues run from 3 to 5 pm, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays – there are up to 30 children in each class.

ARTYFACTS offers volunteering opportunities to people who are available to assist at classes on one to two afternoons a week.  Volunteers will receive coaching and support from Maxine Allan, founder and director of ARTYFACTS who has 20 years of teaching experience, is a qualified art therapist, an artist and a mother.  This role would be perfect for people that are interested in gaining teaching experience and experience of working with children.  Successful applicants will be provided with Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks (previously called Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks), usually costing £44.

20140708_162349In return, volunteers need to show commitment and punctuality whilst working in the classes with other volunteers.  Volunteers need to arrive 20 mins before class starts to help set up the venue, assist with the 90 minute art class and stay on briefly after class to help clean the art materials and venue – giving a total of 2 hours work.

Commitment is important for the consistency of the art classes and for children to get to know you so if you are interested in the position, in return for a two term commitment, ARTYFACTS will provide you with a reference for future employers or to support university applications.

Please apply using the form provided here – ARTYFACTS – Volunteer Form 

If you have any doubts or questions about whether this is the right opportunity for you, please call ARTYFACTS for an informal chat on 07989 472 760.  

Here is what other volunteers have said about their ARTYFACTS experience:

“The way the children approach art with a clear mind and an open heart is inspiring.  I always leave filled with hope and optimism.  All children are artists. Teaching art to a child reminds me that I am an artist too.”

“Artyfacts is a fun-tastic art club, and volunteering with Artyfacts has been a pleasure and a great experience. I have been working with Maxine almost a year and it has flown by as every class and week is different and exciting. The young little artists we work with are always full of creative suprises: their observations and artistic practice follows free-flow-thought and joy in experimentation which is what we want to encourage. As an artist myself I find working with Artyfacts kids most inspiring and their joy and love for art warms my heart & encourages me to work harder for them. It is a pleasure to see a child open up & express themselves, weather it comes from love for the materials, colours or theme of the class, or just seeing somebody find their own tune & confidence. Fun & inspiring for them & fun & inspiring for me! “

“Working for Artyfacts is a real pleasure, each week I look forward to our classes and helping to produce some inspiring artwork by such creative young minds. The children who attend Artyfacts are a delight to work with and aiding their development is something I find extremely rewarding. Maxine is a fantastic mentor and has given me all kinds of confidence I never had before! Artyfacts has taught me how to engage with many types of young people and channel their artistic ideas into creating beautiful artwork that I feel proud to show off to their grown ups. I have a great relationship with the other volunteers as we each share the same passion for art, learning and helping others.”

“My 2 years as an art teacher at Artyfacts, have been consistently full of many fun and enjoyable projects and learning experiences. The accessibility of the session means that every child finds their own artistic method, meaning everyone is regularly taking home wonderful artworks and smiles of accomplishment. We explore visual arts from around the world and throughout time, from cave paintings to Kandinsky and bottle baddies to Brighton Dome. Learning a diversity of techniques that provide an appropriate challenge, to those eager to learn. Each session is an opportunity to work with new materials and refine our skills with fundamental art equipment. Maxine is very talented and brings enthusiasm to every session, the children are always happy to see her and get involved with a new project. Maxine creates a very inclusive environment and has the ability to appreciate art is not every child’s primary passion, yet firmly proves that everyone can be artistic. Working for Artyfacts has been a great influence to both my professional career and personal artistic outputs.”