This term we will be looking at cityscapes, and the different ways to observe and record them, including birds eye views, vanishing points and light and the shadows that are produced from our natural and man-made worlds. We will also be building using clay tiles and etching into plaster and designing are own bags.

  1. Painting a backdrop using one colour plus white to create a tonal gradation for our town. (this is a two-step project and will be completed in the following week.)
  • Studying different types of buildings; we will draw 5 buildings in pen and ink to place over our painted backdrop.
  • The magnificent Royal Pavilion, experiment with the contrasts of chalk pastels on black paper.
  • How to achieve distance on a flat surface using a vanishing point and light and shadow.
  • Looking from above ‘birds eye view’ design a farm. Using oil pastel and paint.
  • Meditation. After taking a visual journey, with your eyes closed, using the techniques you have learnt in the last few weeks, you will draw the places you have travelled, using water colour pencils.


  • Using clay tiles, you will learn how to build a cube which can be made into a house for your miniature world next week.
  • Miniature worlds.
  • How a liquid can become a solid, making plaster. Etch into the hard plaster and then let the water colour paint absorb into the porous rock.
  1. Drawing to different types of music in groups, express how the music makes you feel using marks, shapes and colours.
  1. Design your own bags.